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Speaker Lineup Below
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez is the co-founder of Excel Erie and is a national youth speaker. Miguel has spoken to over 300 schools across the country sharing his story and spreading the message of love and kindness. He is also the President of Most High Fitness as well as Rodriguez Residential Properties.
Matthew Petruso
Matthew Petruso is the co-founder of Excel Erie. He is also the President of Benefit Advisors Insurance Group, President of Petruso Properties, A Published Author and Success Coach. He is passionate about helping others unleash their potential. 
Nadia Shabanza-Pero
Nadia Shabanza-Pero is the co-owner/Vice President of Pero Real Estate. She is also the co-owner of Blue Lily Home Staging and Design. Nadia is originally from Congo and is passionate about sharing her story to inspire others to live their best lives.
Genevieve DeRose (Rozic)
Genevieve DeRose is transforming Erie’s health and wellness landscape by delivering unparalleled fitness instruction to her clients. She founded Inner Balance Pilates in 2002. Between her unwavering dedication to her clients, level of education, and 20+ years of experience in the industry, Gen is highly regarded in the Pilates world. Gen’s keen sense of business acumen, combined with her passion for helping others, has made her Erie’s consummate small business specialist-meets-accountability partner. Her coaching and consulting business, Finding Balance, guides small business owners on their journey to find the balance of success and living a full life.  
Jason Pero
Jason Pero
Jason Pero is the co-owner/President of Pero Real Estate which owns and operates over 700 units throughout Northwest PA. Their mission is to be part of the revitalization of Erie by improving the overall quality one property at a time. He is also the President of the Apartment Association of Northwest PA and Holds a seat on Erie's board for Erie's Land Bank.
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez is the Co-Owner and Director of Little Dance Studio, Inc. , which is amongst the the oldest studios in the country. 
Amanda has a passion and love for dance, she combines her contemporary focus and creativity to ensure that students receive the utmost attention, an opportunity to advance, dance discipline and skills that will nurture future success wherever life may lead. LDS is building confidence and character through the love of dance.
RJ Messenger
RJ Messenger is the owner/President of Iron Empire.
Hustle, determination, and inspiration are three words that Iron Empire strive to live by. It’s all about self improvement, and bettering the lives of the people around us. Their humble beginnings started in a house designing clothing outside of the full time jobs they already had. From the start, they wanted to design shirts that could inspire others. Over time their determination and drive allowed them to take that leap of faith and chase their dreams. They haven’t looked back yet. As a brand, they use multiple platforms to spread motivation and inspiration through their unique designs and messages on their clothing, as well as their community engagement and charitable contributions throughout our city. 
Justin Fried
Justin Fried is the CEO/Owner of NFI Empire- an auto dealership providing the ability to custom build vehicles and make it exactly what you want. From performance cars, SUV, to 4x4's they handle it all.
Justin is also former Partner at ApexDrop Influence Marketing. ApexDrop puts free products in the hands of influencers on Instagram to promote quality brands in an authentic form.
Prior to NFI Empire Justin was involved in building a Work Force Management platform called Field Nation. He was the EVP of Sales and in 6 short years they grew the company to over $136mm and ranked on the Inc. Fast 50 two years in a row. 
Matt Pribonic
Matt Pribonic is creator and Vice President of 5 companies in Erie Pennsylvania.  IRock Fitness, FitnessU and Creative Learning Childcare, Iron Oxygen Fitness, and Level Red Boxing. His companies have sprouted from a 3,000 sq. ft. plaza start up start up on the back of the economic fallout of 2008 to a bustling 60,000 square feet multi company operation and 2 new companies of 5,000 members plus. Currently all 5 companies employ over 200 people. Matt and his Brother Anthony are juggernauts in the Erie Fitness industry.
Natalie Washburn
Natalie knows homes! She is the owner of the Maleno Real Estate & Maleno Property Management companies. Along with Maleno, Natalie has been awarded a number of prizes and honors, including the AFP Outstanding Philanthropic Organization, Erie’s Choice Awards, and the well-earned Realtor of the Year award.
A Greater Erie Board of Realtors past president, Natalie has served on the board of directors for the past six years. Her continuing mission is to give back to the Erie community through the Maleno Family to Family Fund, along with many other local efforts. Family life is important to Natalie, and has mastered the work-life balance.
Jenny Kupcyk
Jenny Kupcyk is very passionate about  FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS & EMPOWERING OTHERS!
Jenny is a Wellness Coach and a Vision Caster! She educates, inspires and empowers others to design the life they desire both physically and financially!
Focusing on the importance of mindset, uncovering your WHY, setting goals, raising your personal standards, working towards achieving both wellness and financial goals.

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